Thursday, January 28, 2010

Final Thoughts by Phra Bhasakorn Bhavilai

We are all brothers and sisters on an amazing journey

through a constantly changing universe.

Sometimes we feel pain. Sometimes we are happy.

Our own efforts and action are the engines of our development.

The laws of the nature are rational and can be understood.

All actions have reactions,

and each of us is responsible for all we do.

Being born human is a fantastic opportunity

because we have the enormous creative power

of our intention and free will.

We are our own masters.

we create our own fate, our own heaven and our own hell.

we create by the use of our intention and free will.

Our human mind is always creating.

Our mental environment is our own responsibility.

By practicing harmlessness,compassion and loving-kindness

we cause no harm to oueselves or the world,

thus creating no new negative feedback.

By paying attention, staying mindful and bravely examining

ourselves and nature, we grow in wisdom.

This wisdom will clean our world.

Ultimate freedom is a reachable goal.

May we all meet again

Free from all suffering

and laugh together at the past.

(The author in his book "Karma- For Today's traveller by Phra Bhasakorn Bhavilai, has tried his best to justify all of the above understanding of his. The author can be reached at

I must say that the author had an amaging understanding on this journey so called life.....I had the privilege of hearing him......his thoughts...his understanding on energy.....its development....and blah blah......The karma for today's traveller (the book) is "A new look at the buddhist concept of cause and effect,the dazzling processor we call mind, and the fantastic creative power of human intention.

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