Thursday, May 21, 2020

Two Sweet Words By Arun Agarwal May 21, 20-20

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के 

Two sweet words is what the world really/only needs

live and love 

Let there be only love and live with no boundaries 

Let there be happiness 

Let there be no judgements 

Let there be more

If we can only live and love , the world would be a true bliss

Today May 21, 20-20

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के

due parole dolci sono ciò di cui il mondo ha veramente / solo bisogno

vivi e ama

Lascia che ci sia solo amore e viva senza confini

Lascia che ci sia felicità

Lascia che non ci siano giudizi

Lascia che ci sia di più

Se solo potessimo vivere e amare, il mondo sarebbe una vera felicità

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के

dos palabras dulces es lo que el mundo realmente / solo necesita

Vive y ama

Que solo haya amor y viva sin límites
Que haya felicidad

Que no haya juicios

Que haya más

Si solo pudiéramos vivir y amar, el mundo sería una verdadera dicha

Hoy 21 de mayo, 20-20

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के

два сладких слова - это то, что действительно нужно миру

жить и любить

Пусть будет только любовь и жизнь без границ

Да будет счастье

Пусть не будет суждений

Пусть будет больше

Если бы мы могли только жить и любить, мир был бы настоящим счастьем

Сегодня 21 мая, 20-20

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के

deux mots doux est ce dont le monde a vraiment / seulement besoin

vis et aime

Qu'il n'y ait que de l'amour et vive sans frontières

Que le bonheur soit

Qu'il n'y ait pas de jugements

Qu'il y ait plus

Si seulement nous pouvions vivre et aimer, le monde serait un vrai bonheur

Aujourd'hui 21, 20-20 mai

Saturday, May 16, 2020

What is Love ? By Mira Myra

❤️What is Love❤️?! 
The concept of love is understood by many as having a romantic meaning and being attributed to love between two people or between people in general, so it is indeed, but love is not only just that😊 So let's look at it from a different angle.. 

From ancient times, different cultures talk about love, as that physical, mental and spiritual union, that connection between people, and respectively of people with the rest of existence.
I would like to say briefly what love is, by emphasizing what love is not! Love does not mean: attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, restraint, suffocation, reproach, injustice, depreciation. If you love someone you set them free! 

Love is not just a feeling, an emotion, or just a connecting energy; love is the creative force that underlies creation! It is an attribute of power and a form of manifestation of the Soul, in fact we have incarnated to learn what love is, and we can do this only by experimenting ' love in matter' , which is nothing but the manifestation of God ( I hope you understand, that in order to experience anything, it has to be in a dense form, which is matter/darkness).
Love is definately a catalyst for transformation! In order to be able to love, you must first "understand" everything, and come to understand through cultivation.

People manifest love from its three levels: Self (the hidden / dark side of being), Soul and Higher Self (Consciousness).

1. Self-manifested love is associated with 'sexualized love' and tends to be the most "popular" - so to speak. At the level of the self there is the sexual attraction between people, that 'chemistry' that was consumed, when those two selves harmonized and known each other completely.
At this level, love towards material goods and things is manifested, towards carnal, pleasures and desires. This is where attachments develop and the relationships at this level are usually karmic.. 
This is a type of love, but far inferior to it, that must be cultivated in order to ascend to the next level, the Soul.

2. Love at the level of the Soul is unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. 
*Here we transcend physical connection and start to manifest love towards everything and feel a deeper connection with our Self and others. 
*Here we learn the importance of forgiveness of thyself and others, to understand that forgiveness is the precursor of Love and is the only true medicine for the Soul. 
*Here we learn what it means to speak to the world through the language of love, because everyone perceives love in a certain way and has its own language to express and experience love, so we must learn to speak to the world through the language of love, this is very important! At this level there is a transfer of soul and we must be very careful how much, how and to whom we offer not to lose from our soul.
To love from this level means to manifest the Spirit in Love, it means to understand what love is by cultivating the inner light; This means that as you reach a higher / refined level of light (Consciousness) , no action and nothing negative from the outside will touch or affect you, thus you can manifest unconditional love.
You will look with wise eyes up to the darkness, and you will understand that it is an integral part of you and of everything, and it is necessary in manifestation and enlightenment. ☯️You will no longer try to eliminate the darkness, but through love you will learn how to control it! ☯️ From here Love can be cultivated and ascend at the next level of being. 

3.Love at the Divine level
From this level you get to look at everything in an overall picture, you can only see the bigger picture, you start to see everything as a whole and look at everything gently; you will experience love as a union and you will have a deep sense of Oneness. It will be difficult to conceive at this level that you can love a person or a limited number of people, because the notion of division no longer exists.

*Here you get to experience Absolute Love, which transcends space and time and you understand that everything is a manifestation of God. 
* Here you experience total detachment, all attachments will disappear completely and the concept of "I" no longer exists. 
*Here your manifestations will be effortlessly convincing and you will automatically attract the love of others. 
*Here you understand love by finding inner peace as you perceive love being the path to happiness. You understand that love is a 'way' and not just a feeling. 
*Here you will feel someone wherever you are! 

I have more to say but is lengthy already 😁 hope you enjoyed❤️

Friday, May 15, 2020

Once Upon a Time "Everybody dies twice. Once when their childhood ends."

Once choosing the color of a sketch pen was a tough task.

Occupying the window seat in the school bus was called obsession.

Getting a toffee as a birthday treat from a friend made our day.

Being the first one to finish copying from the blackboard was the ultimate moment of pride.

Hiding the answers from a bench partner during exams was not called selfishness.

When homework was the only torture & finished it soon, so could get some extra time to play.

Early to bed, early to rise was life's mantra, but how we loved sleeping late and having some extra TV time!

Owning a cycle was like owning everything.

To look good was only to wear our fav dress frocks for girls n half pants for boys.

We didn't need Facebook or a phone to keep in touch!

We thought all elders are ideal, when Daddy was the only hero and Mom was the Best friend."

So what they say is right.

"Everybody dies twice. Once when their childhood ends."

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The real YOU behind : YOU

One day, all the employees reached the office and they saw a big advice on the door on which it was written:

"Yesterday the person who has been hindering your growth in this company passed away. We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been prepared in the gym."

At first everyone was sad to hear that one of their colleagues had died, but after a while they started getting curious about who this person might be. The excitement grew as the employees arrived at the gym to pay their last respects. Everyone wondered:

"Who is this person who was hindering my progress? Well, at least he is no longer here!"

One by one the employees got closer to the coffin and when they looked inside it they suddenly became speechless. They stood over the coffin, shocked and in silence, as if someone had touched the deepest part of their soul. There was a mirror inside the coffin: everyone who looked inside it could see himself.

There was also a sign next to the mirror that said:

"There is only one person who is capable to set limits to your growth: it is YOU.

" YOU are the only person who can revolutionize your life.

YOU are the only person who can influence your happiness, your realization and your success.

YOU are the only person who can help yourself.

Your life does not change when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your company changes.

Your life changes when YOU change, when you go beyond your limiting beliefs, when you realize that YOU ARE the only one responsible for your life..

Wakey wakey!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Learner of Life by Arun Agaral 29.04.2020

Today i don't have anything to write but be a learner

 I just want to ask questions and seek answers

They say Life is a Journey ..but journey of what? Is it a journey towards a Welfare Nation? 

Also another question that comes to mind is - In this scenario they say journey is good is the journey more desirable or the destination a welfare nation?

How many are into this journey ?

Journey or destination ?

This Morning (April 25th, 20-20 while watching a show on TV The latest version of Mahabharata on Star Channel I got answers to above questions and they made so much sense. I need time to translate them to English. Hopefully if i get a time i will post it out here )

Also, a question was put up: What are you grateful for Today?

I am grateful for being a learner in life /of life and this universe presenting all the opportunities to me to learn a lot of new things each day so that i can become a best version of myself for the world and work towards fulfilling my dream of making this world a WELFARE NATION. 

Thankyou so much for such a nice question

Arun Agarwal April 29th 20-20

Contact of Souls By Christi Cook Martin

I knew of a love so pure, innocent & fair that became jaded - yet was it jaded beyond repair?

One believed yes, the other no  & so it was left to melt away like the sun melts the snow. 

Then one day the two found each other again  & the magic of their love began to bloom like there had been no end.

Until the pain that each had endured while they were away came to the surface, then their love became questionable- was it truly with purpose?

One believed it still had the strength to conquer any obstacle that came their way ; the other drowned their self with reasons that they were not meant to stay. 

One saw the baggage of the other & believed it was beyond release ,  the other saw that they both carried so much that love, understanding & forgiveness was the only way to peace.

One chose to avoid the challenge of communication & found ways to escape, the other held on hoping for the chance to resolve with nothing left but faith. 

Was the love truly what they once believed it to be- or was is just that one needed the other for a moment & always intended to flee?

There is no doubt the answer is clear, it was definitely not destined to be.

The one who had no desire to try proved they never cared,  the other looked like a fool believing their love was shared.

However the story doesn’t end sad, the fool learned so much they ended up glad.

No time was wasted, it was a lesson in disguise, the fool knows now how much love they had caged inside.

A love so amazing that one day they will share,  with a partner that will return their love without despair.
Toxic Energy

This day I truly realized what beauty is....
I saw beauty looking out the window....
I heard beauty in the songs of the birds...
I smelled beauty in the scent of a flower...
I felt beauty from the warmth of the sun...
I tasted beauty in the sweet lips of another...
I observed beauty looking within my own heart...
Beauty is within all things; living, dead, good & bad for all these things give life & take life. 
Allow destruction & allow creation & all of these things ensure the universe continues which is the most beautiful thing of all.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

GREAT WISDOM BY OSHO (REJNEESH) applicable in this COVID ERA One of India's Greatest Spiritual Guru

ओशो, गजब का ज्ञान दे गये।
(करोना जैसी जगत बिमारी के लिए)

७० के दशक में हैजा महामारी के रूप में पूरे विश्व में फैला था, तब अमेरिका में किसी ने ओशो रजनीशजी से प्रश्न किया - 

"इस महामारी से कैसे बचे ?"

और ओशो ने विस्तार से समझाया, जो आज कोरोना के सम्बंध में भी बिल्कुल प्रासंगिक है।

"यह प्रश्न ही आप गलत पूछ रहे है। प्रश्न ऐसा होना चाहिए था, कि महामारी के कारण मेरे मन में मरने का जो डर बैठ गया है, उसके सम्बन्ध में कुछ कहिए, इस डर से कैसे बचा जाए ?"

"क्योंकि वायरस से बचना तो बहुत ही आसान है, लेकिन जो डर आपके और दुनिया के अधिकतर लोगो के भीतर बैठ गया है, उससे बचना बहुत ही मुश्किल है। अब, इस महामारी से कम, लोग इस डर के कारण ज्यादा मरेंगे। 'डर' से ज्यादा खतरनाक इस दुनिया में कोई भी वायरस नहीं है। इस डर को समझिये, अन्यथा मौत से पहले ही आप एक जिंदा लाश बन जाएँगे।"

"यह जो भयावह माहौल आप अभी देख रहे है, इसका वायरस आदि से कोई लेना देना नहीं है। यह एक सामूहिक पागलपन है, जो एक अन्तराल के बाद हमेशा घटता रहता है। कारण बदलते रहते है। कभी सरकारो की प्रतिस्पर्धा, कभी कच्चे तेल की कीमते, कभी दो देशो की लड़ाई, तो कभी जैविक हथियारो की टेस्टिंग ! इस तरह का सामूहिक पागलपन समय-समय पर प्रगट होता रहता है। व्यक्तिगत पागलपन की तरह, कौमगत, राज्यगत, देशगत और वैश्वीक पागलपन भी होता है। इस में बहुत से लोग या तो हमेशा के लिए विक्षिप्त हो जाते है, या फिर मर जाते है।"

"ऐसा पहले भी हजारो बार हुआ है, और आगे भी होता रहेगा। और आप देखेंगे कि आनेवाले बरसो में युद्ध तोपो से नहीं, बल्कि जैविक हथियारो से लडे जाएंगे।"

"लेकिन में फिर कहता हूं, हर समस्या मूर्ख के लिए डर होती है, जबकि ज्ञानी विद्वानो के लिए अवसर ! इस महामारी में आप घर बैठिए, पुस्तके पढिये, एक्सरसाइज कीजिये, शरीर को कष्ट दीजिए, व्यायाम कीजिये, फिल्मे देखिये, योग कीजिये। एक माह में १५ किलो वजन घटाइए, चेहरे पर बच्चो जैसी ताजगी लाइये, अपने शोक पूरे कीजिए। मुझे अगर १५ दिन घर बैठने को कहा जाए, तो में इन १५ दिनो में ३० पुस्तकें पढूंगा। और नहीं तो एक बुक लिख डालिये, इस महामन्दी में पैसा इन्वेस्ट कीजिये। ये अवसर है, जो बीस तीस साल में एक बार आता है। पैसा बनाने का सोचिए, कहाँ बीमारी की बाते करते है।"

"ये 'भय और भीड़' का मनोविज्ञान सब के समझ नहीं आता है, 'डर' में रस लेना बंद कीजिए। आमतौर पर हर आदमी डर में थोड़ा बहुत रस लेता है, अगर डरने में मजा नहीं आता, तो लोग भूतहा फिल्म देखने क्यों जाते ? ये एक सामूहिक पागलपन है, जो अखबारो और टीवी के माध्यम से भीड़ को बेचा जा रहा है। लेकिन सामूहिक पागलपन के क्षण में आपकी मालकियत छिन सकती है। आप महामारी से डर सकते है, तो आप भी भीड़ का ही हिस्सा है।"

ओशो कहते है - "टीवी पर खबरे सुनना, या अखबार पढ़ना बंध करे। ऐसा कोई भी विडियो या न्यूज़ मत देखिये, जिससे आपके भीतर डर पैदा हो। महामारी के बारे में बात करना बंद कर दीजिए। डर भी एक तरह का आत्म-सम्मोहन ही है। एक ही तरह के विचार को बार-बार थोपने से शरीर के भीतर रासायणिक बदलाव होने लगता है, और यह रासायणिक बदलाव कभी कभी इतना जहरीला हो सकता है, कि आपकी जान भी ले ले। महामारीओ के अलावा भी बहुत कुछ दुनिया में हो रहा है, उन पर ध्यान दीजिए।"

"ध्यान-साधना से साधक के चारो तरफ एक प्रोटेक्टिव औरा बन जाता है, जो बाहर की नकारात्मक उर्जा को उसके भीतर प्रवेश नहीं करने देता है। अभी पूरी दुनिया की उर्जा नाकारात्मक हो चुकी है, ऐसे में आप कभी भी इस ब्लैक-होल में गिर सकते है। ध्यान की नाव में बैठ कर ही आप इस झंझावात से बच सकते है।"

"शास्त्रो का अध्ययन कीजिए, साधू संगत कीजिए, और साधना कीजिए। विद्वानो से सीखे, आहार का भी विशेष ध्यान रखिए, स्वच्छ जल पीए।"

"अंतिम बात - धीरज रखिए, जल्द ही सब कुछ बदल जाएगा। जब तक मौत आ ही न जाए, तब तक उससे डरने की कोई ज़रूरत नहीं है। और जो अपरिहार्य है, उससे डरने का कोई अर्थ भी नहीं है। डर एक प्रकार की मूढ़ता है। अगर किसी महामारी से अभी नहीं भी मरे, तो भी एक न एक दिन मरना ही होगा, और वो एक दिन कोई भी दिन हो सकता है। इसीलिए विद्वानो की तरह जीये, भीड़ की तरह नहीं !!

- ओशो
('में मृत्यू सिखाता हूं' किताब से).

Thursday, April 16, 2020

"DECODING YOU' from an Astrologers point of view


A Self learned Astrologer who has learned things practically decodes you like this.

They are better at giving results, self trained are more practical people. The theorist/degree holders  have all the qualifications but when it comes to deliver results they are taken aback.

The Decoding goes like this:


I found some things with your birth details that speak of a deeper you, an inner you that may relate to what you know about yourself or may not - in case of the latter it will link to many things present in your life and things you see or feel in them all, and do not consider finding a full stop to your undefined and incomplete sketch of self.

1) You have a very good understanding of social relations, the complexity and relative weights that rule social experience and have learnt to see that as an integral part of having a space for yourself in the world - you accept a lot because life has to be habitable. Nevertheless you do not completely agree with sticking to the norm but this is not something you would have articulated for yourself in life, i.e.outside of yourself. 

2) You try and take this force of learnt stability or harmony versus the knowing that it is not all nor is it true (up till now) and put it in outward work or career - you let your status or social standing be a safe zone for reflecting to others what you really feel about society and it's norms of all kinds. You are an internal rebel in an outer representation role.

3) Your early development has involved a serious emphasis on controlling your drives and energy in relation to where society was then and what could not have been shared with it at that time - this is a reserve of energy that was consciously developed (related to possibly your father etc) and which guides you throughout your life to have the sharpest focus for it's use and the inner logic for being involved in your career.

4) Your own feelings on the social front have always been reflected in your mother and in her own experience of life. You were innately protective of her and in many ways she has been your child.

5) From the above points I want to go straight to your experience and inner placement with respect to your friend circle or peers or those you'd like to have had some counting influence on - you don't feel a genuine relation with any of them and the feeling of being an outsider remains as a mystery. You would remember how this might have started off on wealth, abundance, free availability of resources with them and not you when you were small and you would not have been concretely affected but the impression lasts; because it carries an information about your self and also your life. That information even now shapes and guides things. So you like to be a guide and an uplifting jovial presence to them all, almost making 'teaching' your method, your mask, and also a joy. Your teaching speaks to you too. But you hear a finer voice - both you and your connected peers are not what you really feel inside. There could be a longing to have another expression, a more encompassing explanation or 'song' to your life - that you would love to share when it happens on its own;for now you may not think you would ever want to give that to the world.

6) I find a possibility of two people as having crossed your life path leaving a mark - one is a spiritual religious teacher (not exactly guru) from where you have internalised to be loud in good beliefs and to share them with the world while knowing your purpose in it, and the other is a girl, a cause you may have understood or privately committed to - it's about believing in her worth, self-standing and being her champion in the face of her larger and long-running place in the forces of the world. This a quieter, more authentic part of your wisdom understanding. And this girl seems to be 'quiet' in her own way.

7) There is a good hold and first hand understanding of religion in society and social relations coming from how the two intersect, and a backdrop of learning from it and marking a cleaner protection zone against all such. 
This is outwardly reflected in a more modern interest in non-religious and a more humane fulfilling open, liberal outlook. Devotion is not exactly an interest at this point but that's another story to come.

8) Spirituality for you though will come through if you respect the strands of religious development and social progress that have evolved over time and look for meanings - study them so to say - and make that your personal endeavour, different from how you do the same in front of others. I see that you have a gift for probing care-fully into social development and metaphysics (how philosophies were originally birthed). This may be far away from where you are today but with what you already think in your head (automatically), it's just one private step away from looking for the 'teachings' where the noise and the crudity have taken space. This will also then link to making travel for these sights of golden significance, like an archaeologist's field. You will find many clues here and also the real road away from all your friends and influence quarters. 
Try and learn whatever you can about people in different vocations, examples in professional duty with empathy connecting things for you about how people serve. This will create less alienation, and empower you to better shape your dreams - they will become translatable into action. This will be meaningful to you.

9) There is some link between food and service (with noble intentions) that can be linked to your professional front. Something you are thinking of that sort or something that is already there.

10) When I mentioned self-control and protection I did not bring in the aspect of fear or a backdrop that inhibits or curtails action.  Somewhere or the other there is a place like that in our lives. With you your empathetic, healing, benevolence-wishing nature is also a medicine, an antidote to parts in this space where things have been known, yet never known fully, in a way that they still continue (just inside). The mind is long liberated in it's clear alignment and choice but the being knows differently. The output is satisfactory, looks good but trembling still persists and conviction feels still something else - it could be something else that will be it, because this is not the whole voice, the whole joy. 

The current time is ideal to look into this remote unlit area, to feel it, and commit to enlighen it. This year - all year round, there will be many opportunities to look at this from all angles and bring something to a close, so something more can progress.
It will be fruitful to undertake this kind of engagement or study in the next week lasting a few months. You may have glimmers of insights or connections. There will also then be a call to action, inner or outer but something in the hidden would be touched and acted upon.

11) As all of the above processes build up you will be filled with a new self-light of containment and understanding (the known and the previously unknown will both lose signficance for meaning). You will know the purpose, any pain would have left, and effort that never needed to be made will not even draw your energy. 

A little note - if you have opportunities to invest in movie-related anything in any capacity it might show you a very different inner life. Otherwise, something looks like you'll be inclined to start seeing your own drive through life as if from the director's side of the screen, still experiencing the light show only from the inside!

A last preparatory clue - in the end there will be forms, God in forms and you will find yourself helpless by the doorstep of devotion. These forms hurt, and they haunt. Fear to devotion.

I was busy, then exhausted, and looking at your data to think on, I learnt by slowing down and remembering the bigger picture. 
I kept my promise"

Wednesday April 15, 20-20

I have not seen a better astrology decoding than this, except the one which was made when I was born. That still and till date is the best Astrological Summary I have seen.

Astrology is a very practical science. It has a lot of mathematical calculations and when used properly, it has numerous benefits. I certainly recommend to us it wisely. Someone said, if you are able to decode it, life is a piece of cake. How right, only time will tell.

Arun Agarwal
April 16, 20-20

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Life Essence 

Whenever I am lost in the valleys of nostalgia (especially these days ), many petty, yet moving memories haunt me. This is one such blog .................. Words by Sandeep Atlani


I still remember  my working for a public sector oil company In Mumbai. Those were my initial days in the world of reality. One sunny morning, while walking towards the train compartment I heard a distinct laughter echoing on the platform. There was something so compelling about it that I had to look at its source! There I saw an energetic aunty laughing, joking and emanating positivity.

For the next couple of days, I took the same train to work. On one of these days, our eyes met and we exchanged smiles. Coincidentally, we started bumping into each other in the evening train from Bandra while returning home as well. 

Gradually, we started talking and within no time we were chatting away on our way back home - the daily return journey became extremely exciting. So much so that I would run with all my might to board that train while returning home in the evening. And landing my feet on it gave me a renewed sense of achievement each day. Our conversations were varied - ranging from home to work, our families, office, picnics, vacations, Diwali, Christmas - just about everything!

Then one day, during a regular conversation, aunty mentioned that she had six months  to retire. I was shocked. She appeared too young to retire. Then, I told myself, "Six months ! Long way to go!" As days passed, I developed a certain fondness for her. We met or at least saw each other almost every day. The next 20-25 minutes were purely our 'we' time, reserved for updating each other about the latest happenings. Every time we met, we caught up from where we left.

Time passed and finally we were in the penultimate week  of her retirement ." A sense of vacuum started filling me. Although, we met frequently, I did not quite like the feeling of being one day closer to the day she would retire. But time doesn't wait. It was last week now - it was indeed an eventful week - her birthday party in the train and retirement party that her family hosted. Her birthday celebrations in the train, truly one of a kind (I never saw so much fun in a birthday party), kept me unwittingly smiling through the day. The retirement party lived up to aunty's spirit. And finally, the day of farewell arrived with charged up emotions and and an inexpressible hollowness.

Aunty barely stayed  half a kilometre away from my home, not being able to meet her was never a concern. But, I knew that my train  journeys would never be the same again - I would miss her smile, her magnetic laughter, our conversations...I would simply miss her.
Today, it's been many years from the day aunty retired and I too left the place.The hollowness has faded, but memories of times spent with her will last throughout my life. Little did I know many years ago that my daily commute could give me such treasured memories!

I text her, I talk to her. But more than all this, I deeply miss her!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Quiet the mind and follow the Soul

Quiet The Mind and The Soul Will Speak- Anonymous

Quiet the mind 


The soul will speak 


Cant find a better and simplest explanation than above.

Thats it!!!! April 1st , 20-20

Further today April 11, 20-20 further improvising on it

Some thoughts again on Emptiness- Alone- Higher self - Higher Connection


It's very important to keep the mind empty. For any attachment with anything is a hurdle. The mind should be silent.

The more I try to connect the bigger the hurdle is getting. Then there is pain. Then there is delay. 

Then there is a situation which you do not enjoy at all. So the final conclusion is stay alone stay single stay empty stay quiet. Put your time on important things and find solutions for the real bigger things in life. 

Make time real constructive. Its all in being fully empty.

AA April 11th, 20-20

Two Sweet Words By Arun Agarwal May 21, 20-20

धाई अक्षर प्रेम के  Two sweet words is what the world really/only needs live and love  Let there be only love and live with ...

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