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AwAkeniNg = An Insight A View A Prespective from a story: Try to Grasp the Real Thing

Long ago in Mongolia, there lived an Emperor who often stare himself in the mirror. One day he notice there was a white on his head! 

Alarmed, he sent for his Minister-in-Waiting.

"I have mouse hair on my head!" the King said.

"Nonsense," said the Minister. "You just have gray hair, as many people getting older had. You will get more white hair as you grow older.

The Emperor did not like what he heard and decreed that all mirrors be destroyed throughout the country.

One day he saw an old man in the street with a long white hair and beard. The Emperor was upset and decreed to get rid of all the old people, so they would not remind him that he was getting older himself.

All old man was banned from his country. There was one young woman who did not want her grandfather to leave so decided to hid his grandfather in a cave.

One day, the whether was windy and there was a windy storm and blew everything including the Emperor's precious heirloom pitcher.

The Emperor was angry and went out to search for himself. He found the pitcher in one of his lakes. So his man dived into the water trying to retrieve the golden pitcher but all in vain. The Emperor decided to dive in himself but as he tried to grab the pitcher, the pitcher dissolved!

The Emperor was puzzled and thought to himself that there must be some very powerful magic at work in the lake. Everyone could see the pitcher very clearly at the bottom of the lake but could not get it. So the Emperor decreed hat whoever bring up the golden pitcher will have his/her wishes.

The young woman heard about that and very excited and this is the only opportunity to have her grandfather back. She went back to the cave and told her grandfather. He thought about it for a moment, then smiled and told her his plan.

She returned to the Emperor and said,"Come with me to the lake and I will get the pitcher for you."

The Emperor think its funny to have such a young lady to try to do what his wise men failed to do, but decided to give the young lady a chance.

So the King went along with her. But when she did not dive into the lake. Instead she began climbing a tree. And found the pitcher . What everyone had seen is only its reflection in the water.

The Emperor was delighted and grant the lady her request. And from that day onwards, he learned to see things as they really are. And lived to be a very wise Emperor with lots of gray hair on his head!

When we mis-perceived things, we start to grasp and hold on to them. We develop so many reasons and tied up all kinds of fetter with it. Desire, aversion and delusion - they are mainly responsible for the problem that overwhelm us. Clinging frantically to these three, we slowly lose our wisdom by our own making. On whatever occasion, remains focus, alert and be mindful of the ever-changing conditions around us and in the body. Putting aside greed and desire. be steadily mindful without lapse, then mindfulness as a factor for Awakening becomes aroused.

Then with joy, we will put an end to suffering 

and stress.

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Words from Admin: It is more than a year since I last had a blog post. In this one year, i was so occupied that I couldn't share the best of the things with you all. But now on i will start allotting some time for this noble activity also. All these posts are a real source of inspiration, motivation, teachings and standards for me, which I re- post for you all to make it your own.  If everyone starts doing this thing imagine, how better this place will become. It is like fulfilling that ONE WORLD ONE DREAM kinda thing.

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